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“I have not failed…I’ve only found 10,000 ways that didn’t work”  –Thomas Edison

Resolve…Attitude…being in the NOW with your health…

These are the keys to real and lasting success.  They are also the CURE for self-sabotage.  If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that the theme of the week is SELF-SABOTAGE.  

It’s such a BEAST for most of us.  It can show up in many different forms:

  • “The second I see the scale move my eating gets worse and I raid the pantry”
  • “I had a great month of kettlebells, but I’m TOO busy to make class”
  • “I can’t have success because I’m… (fill in the excuse)”

These are the nagging voices in our heads that want us to be comfortable.  It’s also the voice that will never let you be successful.  And as Edison said, real success comes from getting back up over and over and trying again.  

To tackle self-sabotage, I teach clients several powerful tools…  

One, the power of meditation.  I honestly believe that we cannot resolve all of our issues through logic alone.  Trying to “figure out why” you raid the Ben and Jerry’s every time you have a good week of eating may not be fruitful.  Logically it doesn’t make sense.  

But by using the power of meditation, you can work to recreate that story in your mind.  You can re-frame the story that has you sabotaging success, create a new and better vision and see it happen in your mind long before you’re able to achieve it.  

Two, there is an art-form to creating goals and what they call “action steps.”  People don’t fail at losing weight because of a lack of information.  Even fairly bad diets can be successful if followed correctly.  But the real art of change and tackling self-sabotage is setting goals that matter, goals that are measurable, and action steps that create new habits.  

I won’t go into how we do that here.  But to clarify, an action step is basically creating a really clear NEW behavior, making it routine and easy to follow, and turning that new behavior into a habit.  Once something is habitual, you are much more likely to carry through with it.  A big key to tackling self-sabotage is building rock solid habits that don’t feel difficult anymore.  

Three, build a circle of support.  Whether it’s working with a program like 39 Minute Workout and Wellness, a buddy, or mentor, having a circle of support will keep you accountable.  You will not tackle your self-sabotage alone, and you won’t do it by just gutting it out.  That’s rarely successful.  

When you combine these THREE steps together as we do in our program- meditation to set the mind down the right path, clear goals and actions steps to build habits, and a circle of support to stick with it even during the TOUGH times.  That’s the recipe.  

Our next meditation class is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC- next Tuesday, April 10th at 7:30pm.  If you’d like to join, just email us at david@39minuteworkout.com  to sign up.  It’s FREE for members and $10 for non-members.  If you know someone who would be served by this, pass this email along and invite them too!  See you there.


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And that can be a great thing or a major challenge. 

If you’re coming off a big day of eating all the wrong things, or a big week, or a big lifetime…then what do you think you’ll crave?  I doubt it’s steamed veggies and water.

For someone who is just starting to get their eating under control, cravings are one of your biggest enemies.  If you keep sabotaging your daily diet with foods that are heavily processed, sweetened, salted or loaded with unnecessary fats, you are like a magnet for all the wrong foods.

If Like craves Like and you’re coming off a bad day of eating, it’s important that you flip the switch on your magnetic attraction to bad foods.  How do you trick your pallet and body into craving the right foods again?


Here’s the plan.  There’s three things I want you to do. 

1) Make sure the “bad” foods you crave are out of the house.  Does that upset your kids?  Chances are they need them out of the house too, but that’s for another discussion.  It might seem tempting to just put that sleeve of Oreo’s in the cupboard, but I’ve found that if they’re still in arms reach, you’re going back for them. 

2) Water probably won’t taste good the day after- but it’s the most important thing for you to make the switch.  In Chinese medicine, there’s a term called dampness that I describe in my book.  Many bad foods make your body full of dampness (particularly sugar and dairy), and this is why water tastes bad to you.  BUT, you’ve just got to do it.  And don’t try to cheat the system.  Don’t go flavoring your water with other stuff.  Just drink the real thing.
3) The most important KEY to flipping the switch.  Eat a low-glycemic but very flavorful meal first thing in the morning.  This does two things.  One, it will make you feel full on the right foods.  Counter to all the fad diets and point counting systems, calories do not matter one bit.  It’s being full on the right foods that burn fat and make you healthy.  Two, you’ll flip the switch on your blood sugar and get your body wanting the right foods again. 
My personal favorite is a big omelet with veggies and salsa.  The spicy salsa tastes flavorful so I’m not left feeling disappointed, but the good protein and veggies get my blood sugar on the right track. 
Couple this with a bunch of water that first day, and you’ll make the process a lot easier.  I am not suggesting you will be free of cravings.  There is some level of self-discipline involved with making healthy decisions.  But if you’re goal is to eat and crave the right foods, you’ll want to tell your body to start craving the right stuff. 

Try this the next time you have a day of eating all the wrong things…and let us know on our 39 Minute Workout facebook page how it worked. 

Dedicated to your health,

David Beares

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Something has become clear to me over the last eight years of helping people lose body fat and get healthy.  For at least 1/3rds of my clients, the scale will NEVER tell you the truth.

About two weeks ago, Sarah and I learned this lesson once again.  And so did a client of ours who thought she’d only made small changes. 

Sandi has been with us a bit over a year now, and losing POUNDS ON THE SCALE has never been easy.  Yet she is one of our hardest working clients, eats very clean, is super athletic…and still cannot seem to get the scale moving.

I wouldn’t say 13 pounds lost is all that impressive, and I don’t mean that in an insulting way.  But if I told you that a client of mine lost 13 pounds, I don’t think you’d beg to see the before and after pictures. 

This is where the scale proves to be a stupid and limited tool.  A tool that tells you only ONE measurement of progress.  And as I said, for at least 1/3rd of people, the number on a scale will tell you nothing useful.  Sandi is perhaps the best example of this point yet. 

We have tried everything.  We’ve asked her to make changes to her eating, increased her weights and skill level in class, and she’s used our supplement program.  But at each and every step, she only saw marginal changes on the scale.

Thank God for before and after pictures.  We hadn’t taken a look at her before pictures in months until a few weeks ago.  Then Sarah and I went in the files and opened up her first pictures from a year ago, and HOLY COW! 

Don’t believe me?  Take a minute and GO HERE NOW to see her transformation.  She is the 4th set of pictures down the right side.

I would literally have guessed she lost 35 pounds if you asked me to guess.  Nope.  Just 13 pounds on the scale.  I think you’ll agree that this is a major physical transformation.  She has lost a ton of body fat around her face and torso.  She looks like a very athletic, confident and lean woman now.  She has a body to show off.  Just think how that translates to her confidence and quality of life!

One of the big factors here to consider is lean muscle.  If I had to guess, this is probably the reason her total pounds lost is so low, and it may be very important for you too.  If you are starting a weight loss routine and you’ve been largely inactive, or you’ve never done a routine that built proper strength, you SHOULD expect to gain lean muscle.  This will offset some of your pounds-on-the-scale numbers. 

It seems no matter how hard I tell clients to not focus on the scale, they still give it too much concern.  If this is you, maybe you should listen to my first tip and throw away the scale.  At the very least, hold the number on the scale as just one small factor.  The worst thing in the world you can do in your quest for fat loss is to care so badly about this one simple thing.  Maybe all you need to do is see your before picture, and just like Sandi, realize how much you’ve changed! 

Dedicated to your health,
David Beares
Owner- 39 Minute Workout

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That’s the question going on in the minds of millions of Americans right now.  Are you asking yourself this question right now?  I’d like to help you answer it with a few more questions.

  • Do you know how to make your workouts effective and fast?
  • Will you keep going 5 weeks later- when the average person quits?
  • Do you have the knowledge and willpower to eat better and stick with it?
  • How many times have you Tried to get healthy and lose weight?

If you aren’t confidently answering YES to the first three questions, a gym membership is not what you’re looking for.  Gyms are for people who know how to get an effective workout alone, will keep going week after week, and don’t mind spending a lot of time there.

But my guess is, that isn’t YOU.  

I don’t blame you.  Our clients have all said the same thing.  They hate the crowds, the grunting muscle-heads staring at themselves in the mirror and checking you out, waiting in line for the machines, and spending endless hours working out, but seeing very little change in the mirror.

But if you’re looking for:

  • Accountability through Community
  • A Quick, effective workout- 39 Minutes to be exact
  • Simple nutrition support- and NO calorie counting
  • A Done-for-You meal plan to follow

Then you need to go to www.hoco21dayfatloss.com BEFORE you make a long-term commitment to a gym.  

In this 21 Day Success Sprint, you’ll see quick changes to your body, energy level, and confidence.  You’ll see the changes you need to see so that you get behind yourself and Want More.  

That’s what happens when you experience quick success.  And that’s exactly why I created this program for the New Years.  Because I know that most people want the change, but they can’t and won’t get it done at the gym. 

And if you don’t see change fast.  If you don’t experience what it feels like to see success quickly, you’ll get bored or disgusted again.  And I don’t want you to go down the same path that most Americans go through this season.  

So go to www.hoco21dayfatloss.com NOW to save your slot.  

We’re closing membership to this special three week Success Sprint on January 16th, so don’t wait.  Register now and we’ll have you well on your way to the changes in your body and your confidence you’ve wanted for years now. 

What you get during the 21 Day Sprint:

  • 21 days (3 weeks) of unlimited Small-group kettlebell training
  • Private 30 minute consult to help you implement the meal plan
  • 21 day Meal Plan- written out in full with grocery shopping list included
  • Unlimited email support from our staff

With all of that support, you can’t fail.  So sign up NOW at www.hoco21dayfatloss.com and experience your own success.  This is the year you get to draw a line in the sand and say, “that’s when I finally made the change.”  


Dedicated to your health,
David Beares
owner- Bright Spot Wellness

owner- 39 Minute Workout


ps. Sign up for our 21 Day Success Sprint by January 16th.  Go to www.hoco21dayfatloss.com to register now.

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How many times this holiday season have you already told yourself “Well maybe just one…” and then one turns to two which turns to several. It happens to all of us.

This season tempts us in even more ways than usual. I know my mother makes some of the best pies in the world. And, man, do I love pie. I was the butt of a running joke in college because a waitress brought my piece of cherry pie to the table early, and I was so happy to see it I literally shrieked “PIE!!!” And yes, I have that level of excitement every time I see pie. It’s just my thing. So holidays are tough. Mom makes a killer apple AND pumpkin pie. How can I possibly choose, and how do I stop myself from eating the whole thing??

Here’s the good news and the bad news: will power is like a muscle. And it gets used in every area of your life, every time you make a choice. The more you use it the easier it gets and the reverse is true also. If you get out of a habit, it’s hard to start using it again.

Relying on willpower alone doesn’t work for long periods of time. Because just like a muscle, there is a point of exhaustion. We all know the feeling of “I…can’t…take…it…any longer!!” I know this feeling all too well. But a solution comes to us from Psychology Today contributor David Adler. Adler suggests to build willpower just like you build the other muscles in your body: incrementally and over time. He suggests that practicing willpower in small parts of your life will strengthen the muscle and this will carry over to the bigger parts that require more willpower. For example, wake up to your alarm instead of hitting snooze. This small habit will build the willpower muscle so it becomes easier for you to choose scrambled eggs with veggies for breakfast instead of a muffin. 

Here are some other helpful tips to practice willpower and to make your decisions easier.

The good news is that there are some easy tips and tricks to help you out.

  1. Remove temptations. Eat before you go to a party. Keep nuts handy in your car for snacks. Don’t take home leftover fudge or cookies. Studies prove if you don’t see it you are less likely to eat it (and vice versa).  A great rule from Michael Pollan is if you want to eat it you have to make it. From scratch.  That bag of Cheetos will look a little different if you start asking yourself “How in the world do I make that myself?” My mom took the sugar out of her pie recipe so I feel like eating a piece is not going to be the end of the world. (thanks, mom!)
  2. Acknowledge your good work by using an “If-then” plan.  Heidi Grant Halvorson suggests creating an easy way to reward your behavior when you stick to your plan. Tell yourself “If I do X, then I will do Y.” The linked article explains why this works, so I won’t go into scientific detail. Just think of how great you will feel if you set the goal to follow our 21 Day Meal Plan for the full 3 weeks and reward yourself with a new pair of jeans? Just be careful not to make your reward something that detracts from your positive work. Don’t choose a reward that detracts from all your hard work, donuts or taking a week off from classes would probably cause a backward slide with your willpower training. Instead think of something like new workout clothes, a pedicure, a new book that you will enjoy reading.  
  3. HAVE A PLAN and STICK TO IT. If you have a plan, you don’t have to think. You just follow. Maybe it’s a simple as planning your meals for the week. If you are following our 21 Day program you know the relief of not having to decide what to make for dinner. If you have a set schedule for acupuncture treatments or kettlebell classes you just follow the schedule. That simple!
  4. Be aware of your body’s response. Before making a choice that calls on your willpower, ask yourself “How will this make my body feel?” Next time you choose to eat that extra slice of pie, take note of what effect it has on your body. Do you feel nauseated, sluggish, unable to get out of bed the next day, etc.? Then, next time you are faced with the same choice recall how it made you feel. Ask yourself “how will this make my body feel?” and “Is it worth it?”


If you need help developing a plan, we’re here for you. Drop us an email at brightspotwellness@gmail.com so we can talk about what you’re working on, and how to make it less of a willpower choice and more of a daily pattern that can be integrated simply in your everyday life.

written by: Sarah Curnoles

Lead trainer- 39 Minute Workout

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We talk about the three pillars of health in our program often. Treatment, Training and Nutrition. Today I want to discuss the one I’ve said the least about in my blogs- TREATMENT.

What do I mean? Am I talking about fixing something that’s broken? Getting rid of pain? Or helping to maintain optimal health?

To an extent yes, yes and yes.

But really, I’m most concerned with the later. You see, fixing the body when it’s broken is a lot harder, more costly and more painful than dealing with a symptom before it’s run amok. Can we all agree that early signs of a back problem are a lot easier to deal with than a slipped disk. That early signs of stress in your life are less painful than a heart attack.

The treatment options we offer here at Bright Spot Wellness are acupuncture and massage. While acupuncture and massage are great tools for dealing with pain, they do so much more for you and your quality of life too.

Do you suffer from symptoms of stress, overwork, weight gain, or poor sleep? I’d bet most of you do to some extent. And left unchecked for too long, all these symptoms lead to weight gain and early signs of aging.

We discussed this last week in our Body Balance Challenge meeting. Stress, overwork and poor sleep all do a number on your body. They increase your stress hormones- namely cortisol levels- and this does a few nasty things.

For men, high cortisol levels put the tire around your middle. In time, that kind of stress can lead you to watch all those particular male commercials with a little more vested interest. You know the ones I’m talking about!

For women, increased stress hormones mean premature aging, slowing metabolism, and poor sleep. In your 40’s, it can mean extremely unpleasant issues with menopause.

Whew! Not a pretty picture. Luckily, there are options out there that can make a major difference to your health and your stress levels. You can make changes today to support a new you. A person who’s put together, strong, resilient, and able to cope with life’s little challenges in stride.

The result of these symptoms can turn into a lot of nasty symtoms, Yes. But you’ve got two of the best solutions here at Bright Spot. Acupuncture and massage will help you sleep better and deal with stress more appropriately. Add on the nourishment plan and a good workout, and you’ve got a pretty awesome treatment plan for looking young, moving well, and looking great long into the future!

Like I said, people often think about acupuncture when they want their back or shoulder fixed. And it can do that, but honestly, the stuff that gets me out of bed in the morning is a lot deeper than that.

It’s watching a client come in with a litany of symptoms. In an emotionally raw place. Not coping with life smoothly and starting to notice these symptoms in their body, their health, and how youthful they appear.

They start getting regular acupuncture or massage, usually because their This or That hurts. Then I ask them all these crazy questions about their life, level of happiness and so on. And weeks later they’re talking about how their whole life is happier. Sure their hip hurts less. But more importantly, they’re content. They’re sleeping better and they have a sense of peace and control in their life.

That is priceless. That is the stuff that got me into this medicine. I didn’t come off the Appalachian Train and fall in love with acupuncture because it fixed my knees- although it did. It’s because I felt SOOOOO much better inside. I felt healthy, more centered, and more able to live the life I wanted to live.

I hear this all the time in the treatment room. In fact recently, one of my clients said “I can’t believe you’ve got me sleeping better. I came in an emotional roller coaster and now I really feel amazing. I haven’t been this happy in years.” Michele S.

This is no small feat. This is more important to me than how many pounds she dropped or how her knees feel. This is her expressing that SHE’S HAPPIER IN HER LIFE!

Are you looking to find the Happy, Stress Free YOU? To cut your stress in half, be in control of yourself and your health. To make this the healthiest year of your life.

Great, because Jeff, Abby, Christopher and I would all like to help you get there. This is our team. And you’ll be hearing more about them in the coming weeks. But for now…..

I’d like to offer you two options to get started. A Four or Six pack of acupuncture or massage sessions for the special price between now and our Grand Opening on Saturday, November 19th. Existing members get 20% off (of true value- $80/session) and new members get 10% off for up to six sessions purchased. (Session packs have to be used within two months of purchase- By January 19th)

And remember, our Grand Opening is Saturday, November 19th from 11am-2pm. Bring food contributions and a friend or family member with you that day. We will be delivering the food to the Howard County Food Bank, so come out and support this important cause going into the holidays.

Dedicated to your health,

David Beares
owner- 39 Minute Workout

Ps. Buy a 4 or 6 pack of treatments (acupuncture and/or massage) by Saturday, November 19th and save 20% for active members or 10% for new memebers. Treatments must be redeemed by January 19th. Call our office at 410-935-0967 or respond to This email address to purchase- 39minuteworkout@gmail.com

Pps. Come joing us at the Bright Spot’s Grand Opening on Saturday, November 19th from 11-2. Support a greater cause and bring non-perishable food gifts to support the HoCo Food Bank. Also, enjoy all the events that day. I’ve attached the flyer with times and details about each event.

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Do you have weak, painful, or arthritic knees?  Then you’ve got to read this article on USA Today about keeping knees pain free.


I’m extremely concerned with the excessive use of medications and surgery in modern medicine, and knee replacement is no exception.  What might be good for a small percentage of people with truly destroyed joints has become a “quick fix” for far too many people.

But as I find with most extreme medical treatments, there’s some very practical ways to treat yourself and your ailing and aging knees that are far less obtrusive than total replacement of the joint.

And what are the best ways to help your knees have a long, pain free life?  Here’s what researchers and doctors have to say.

“The best ways to slow down arthritis and help preserve cartilage cushioning knees and other joints are to follow the Arthritis Foundation’s guidelines, says physician John Richmond, chairman of the group who wrote the AAOS 2008 guidelines for treatments less invasive than knee replacements. At the top of the list is losing weight.”

“The only treatment that actually slows down the progress of the disease is weight loss,” says Richmond, chairman of New England Baptist Hospital’s department of orthopedic surgery in Boston. “You might think restricting activity would help but it does not.”

They go on to say that for every 1lb lost, you take 4lbs off your knee joint!  Furthermore, they go on to say the best three ways to prevent or slow the process of knee replacement is- lose weight, get exercising, and build muscle.  In particulary, they discuss building the muscles that support the knee.  The primary ones being the quads and hamstrings.

A good balance of strength and flexibility is really the best medicine.  If I had to endorse one exercise as the Single Best Exercise for Healthy Knees, it would be the SQUAT.

BUT!  I rarely see people come in the doors of our classes that can squat correctly.  Somehow we all sit in chairs every day, but ask someone to squat in open space, lowering their butt down below their knees and the brain says, “no way, I’m going to fall over.”  So the standard squat does one of two big things wrong.

1) Pitching forward at the waist and sticking your butt backwards, but never lowering it below the knees.  This makes your low back take too much strain, and you will never develop good quad and knee strength like this.

2) Even worse than the first, throwing your knees forward and squatting with all the stress in your knee joint.  Although there’s some exceptions to this, your goal in a squat is to sit down without letting your knees pass your toes.

So if you’re suffering with knee pain, artiritis, or weakness, make sure you learn to squat correctly and get working.

Dedicated to your health,

David Beares

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