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And that can be a great thing or a major challenge. 

If you’re coming off a big day of eating all the wrong things, or a big week, or a big lifetime…then what do you think you’ll crave?  I doubt it’s steamed veggies and water.

For someone who is just starting to get their eating under control, cravings are one of your biggest enemies.  If you keep sabotaging your daily diet with foods that are heavily processed, sweetened, salted or loaded with unnecessary fats, you are like a magnet for all the wrong foods.

If Like craves Like and you’re coming off a bad day of eating, it’s important that you flip the switch on your magnetic attraction to bad foods.  How do you trick your pallet and body into craving the right foods again?


Here’s the plan.  There’s three things I want you to do. 

1) Make sure the “bad” foods you crave are out of the house.  Does that upset your kids?  Chances are they need them out of the house too, but that’s for another discussion.  It might seem tempting to just put that sleeve of Oreo’s in the cupboard, but I’ve found that if they’re still in arms reach, you’re going back for them. 

2) Water probably won’t taste good the day after- but it’s the most important thing for you to make the switch.  In Chinese medicine, there’s a term called dampness that I describe in my book.  Many bad foods make your body full of dampness (particularly sugar and dairy), and this is why water tastes bad to you.  BUT, you’ve just got to do it.  And don’t try to cheat the system.  Don’t go flavoring your water with other stuff.  Just drink the real thing.
3) The most important KEY to flipping the switch.  Eat a low-glycemic but very flavorful meal first thing in the morning.  This does two things.  One, it will make you feel full on the right foods.  Counter to all the fad diets and point counting systems, calories do not matter one bit.  It’s being full on the right foods that burn fat and make you healthy.  Two, you’ll flip the switch on your blood sugar and get your body wanting the right foods again. 
My personal favorite is a big omelet with veggies and salsa.  The spicy salsa tastes flavorful so I’m not left feeling disappointed, but the good protein and veggies get my blood sugar on the right track. 
Couple this with a bunch of water that first day, and you’ll make the process a lot easier.  I am not suggesting you will be free of cravings.  There is some level of self-discipline involved with making healthy decisions.  But if you’re goal is to eat and crave the right foods, you’ll want to tell your body to start craving the right stuff. 

Try this the next time you have a day of eating all the wrong things…and let us know on our 39 Minute Workout facebook page how it worked. 

Dedicated to your health,

David Beares


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