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“I have not failed…I’ve only found 10,000 ways that didn’t work”  –Thomas Edison

Resolve…Attitude…being in the NOW with your health…

These are the keys to real and lasting success.  They are also the CURE for self-sabotage.  If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that the theme of the week is SELF-SABOTAGE.  

It’s such a BEAST for most of us.  It can show up in many different forms:

  • “The second I see the scale move my eating gets worse and I raid the pantry”
  • “I had a great month of kettlebells, but I’m TOO busy to make class”
  • “I can’t have success because I’m… (fill in the excuse)”

These are the nagging voices in our heads that want us to be comfortable.  It’s also the voice that will never let you be successful.  And as Edison said, real success comes from getting back up over and over and trying again.  

To tackle self-sabotage, I teach clients several powerful tools…  

One, the power of meditation.  I honestly believe that we cannot resolve all of our issues through logic alone.  Trying to “figure out why” you raid the Ben and Jerry’s every time you have a good week of eating may not be fruitful.  Logically it doesn’t make sense.  

But by using the power of meditation, you can work to recreate that story in your mind.  You can re-frame the story that has you sabotaging success, create a new and better vision and see it happen in your mind long before you’re able to achieve it.  

Two, there is an art-form to creating goals and what they call “action steps.”  People don’t fail at losing weight because of a lack of information.  Even fairly bad diets can be successful if followed correctly.  But the real art of change and tackling self-sabotage is setting goals that matter, goals that are measurable, and action steps that create new habits.  

I won’t go into how we do that here.  But to clarify, an action step is basically creating a really clear NEW behavior, making it routine and easy to follow, and turning that new behavior into a habit.  Once something is habitual, you are much more likely to carry through with it.  A big key to tackling self-sabotage is building rock solid habits that don’t feel difficult anymore.  

Three, build a circle of support.  Whether it’s working with a program like 39 Minute Workout and Wellness, a buddy, or mentor, having a circle of support will keep you accountable.  You will not tackle your self-sabotage alone, and you won’t do it by just gutting it out.  That’s rarely successful.  

When you combine these THREE steps together as we do in our program- meditation to set the mind down the right path, clear goals and actions steps to build habits, and a circle of support to stick with it even during the TOUGH times.  That’s the recipe.  

Our next meditation class is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC- next Tuesday, April 10th at 7:30pm.  If you’d like to join, just email us at david@39minuteworkout.com  to sign up.  It’s FREE for members and $10 for non-members.  If you know someone who would be served by this, pass this email along and invite them too!  See you there.


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