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We talk about the three pillars of health in our program often. Treatment, Training and Nutrition. Today I want to discuss the one I’ve said the least about in my blogs- TREATMENT.

What do I mean? Am I talking about fixing something that’s broken? Getting rid of pain? Or helping to maintain optimal health?

To an extent yes, yes and yes.

But really, I’m most concerned with the later. You see, fixing the body when it’s broken is a lot harder, more costly and more painful than dealing with a symptom before it’s run amok. Can we all agree that early signs of a back problem are a lot easier to deal with than a slipped disk. That early signs of stress in your life are less painful than a heart attack.

The treatment options we offer here at Bright Spot Wellness are acupuncture and massage. While acupuncture and massage are great tools for dealing with pain, they do so much more for you and your quality of life too.

Do you suffer from symptoms of stress, overwork, weight gain, or poor sleep? I’d bet most of you do to some extent. And left unchecked for too long, all these symptoms lead to weight gain and early signs of aging.

We discussed this last week in our Body Balance Challenge meeting. Stress, overwork and poor sleep all do a number on your body. They increase your stress hormones- namely cortisol levels- and this does a few nasty things.

For men, high cortisol levels put the tire around your middle. In time, that kind of stress can lead you to watch all those particular male commercials with a little more vested interest. You know the ones I’m talking about!

For women, increased stress hormones mean premature aging, slowing metabolism, and poor sleep. In your 40’s, it can mean extremely unpleasant issues with menopause.

Whew! Not a pretty picture. Luckily, there are options out there that can make a major difference to your health and your stress levels. You can make changes today to support a new you. A person who’s put together, strong, resilient, and able to cope with life’s little challenges in stride.

The result of these symptoms can turn into a lot of nasty symtoms, Yes. But you’ve got two of the best solutions here at Bright Spot. Acupuncture and massage will help you sleep better and deal with stress more appropriately. Add on the nourishment plan and a good workout, and you’ve got a pretty awesome treatment plan for looking young, moving well, and looking great long into the future!

Like I said, people often think about acupuncture when they want their back or shoulder fixed. And it can do that, but honestly, the stuff that gets me out of bed in the morning is a lot deeper than that.

It’s watching a client come in with a litany of symptoms. In an emotionally raw place. Not coping with life smoothly and starting to notice these symptoms in their body, their health, and how youthful they appear.

They start getting regular acupuncture or massage, usually because their This or That hurts. Then I ask them all these crazy questions about their life, level of happiness and so on. And weeks later they’re talking about how their whole life is happier. Sure their hip hurts less. But more importantly, they’re content. They’re sleeping better and they have a sense of peace and control in their life.

That is priceless. That is the stuff that got me into this medicine. I didn’t come off the Appalachian Train and fall in love with acupuncture because it fixed my knees- although it did. It’s because I felt SOOOOO much better inside. I felt healthy, more centered, and more able to live the life I wanted to live.

I hear this all the time in the treatment room. In fact recently, one of my clients said “I can’t believe you’ve got me sleeping better. I came in an emotional roller coaster and now I really feel amazing. I haven’t been this happy in years.” Michele S.

This is no small feat. This is more important to me than how many pounds she dropped or how her knees feel. This is her expressing that SHE’S HAPPIER IN HER LIFE!

Are you looking to find the Happy, Stress Free YOU? To cut your stress in half, be in control of yourself and your health. To make this the healthiest year of your life.

Great, because Jeff, Abby, Christopher and I would all like to help you get there. This is our team. And you’ll be hearing more about them in the coming weeks. But for now…..

I’d like to offer you two options to get started. A Four or Six pack of acupuncture or massage sessions for the special price between now and our Grand Opening on Saturday, November 19th. Existing members get 20% off (of true value- $80/session) and new members get 10% off for up to six sessions purchased. (Session packs have to be used within two months of purchase- By January 19th)

And remember, our Grand Opening is Saturday, November 19th from 11am-2pm. Bring food contributions and a friend or family member with you that day. We will be delivering the food to the Howard County Food Bank, so come out and support this important cause going into the holidays.

Dedicated to your health,

David Beares
owner- 39 Minute Workout

Ps. Buy a 4 or 6 pack of treatments (acupuncture and/or massage) by Saturday, November 19th and save 20% for active members or 10% for new memebers. Treatments must be redeemed by January 19th. Call our office at 410-935-0967 or respond to This email address to purchase-

Pps. Come joing us at the Bright Spot’s Grand Opening on Saturday, November 19th from 11-2. Support a greater cause and bring non-perishable food gifts to support the HoCo Food Bank. Also, enjoy all the events that day. I’ve attached the flyer with times and details about each event.


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