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Baby step, baby step, baby step

Remember “What Abut Bob?” If you never saw it or need your memory jogged, Bill Murrays character Bob is essentially terrified by everything in life and he goes to a therapist for help. He advised to take baby steps to do try new things. Yes it’s a movie, but it’s actually really good advice.

I’ll admit it. We often give you lots of new things to try. It could be a new kettlebell move, a new way to eat, or new food to try, and it can be overwhelming. All of this is given to help you, but it’s going to take baby steps to get to your end goal. Not gigantic leaps. 

Napoleon Hill, a journalist, author, and renowned expert about creating success, wrote a story (available for you to read here) about a family that moved west to strike it rich during the gold rush. They tried for weeks and nothing happened. They decided they picked the wrong place, sold it cheap and moved back home. The man that purchased it decided to pick up where they left off and struck gold 3 feet away from where the family stopped. Can you imagine? Three feet. Not three miles. Not 3 years. Not 3 lifetimes. The answer to your problems isn’t separated from you by miles and miles, it is only a few feet away.

Does this feel familiar? Have you tried a diet where you had to go to an extreme? You tried to cut out absolutely all carbs, including fruit. Have you limited yourself to just a few types of food like grapefruit, cabbage or cookies? Or maybe you tried counting calories and poured over all the details and math on every food label to stick to strict portions. And how long did it last? Maybe a week or two? It’s too big of a change to make a lasting impact.

There are lectures, studiesand theoriesthat delve into why this is true, but simply put human beings cannot make huge sweeping overhauls of their entire lives and then expect to make that change stick. We make mistakes. We slip up. We get tempted. And you know what? It’s ok! We’re HUMAN BEINGS! That’s why I’m encouraging small changes so you don’t feel deprived and you can maintain and build on it over time.

In real life examples would be choosing water instead of soda. Maybe you have a peach instead of a cookie. Or you go to bed 30 minutes earlier instead of watching a TV re-run. Sit down at the table with your family for breakfast instead of eating in the car. These are small exchanges that could have a huge long-term impact. If one day you slip and choose the soda, it’s ok because you can make the right choice later that night or tomorrow.

Every time you make a choice that is healthy you are taking one baby step closer to your goal. You should be proud that you are taking steps on the right path! Remember “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” –Lao-tzu

by Sarah Curnoles

trainer- 39 Minute Workout


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