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So far we have been giving some amazing tools to help train physically at your maximum and to nutritionally support your body with healthy choices. We can take your training to the next level by getting your mind in the right place.

There was a study with Olympic athletes where they broke them into 4 different training groups and asked them to combine physical training and training in their mind. The group that performed the best had 75% mental training and 25% physical training. They actually have found that if you attach sensors to the body when imagining that you are actually running in your mind that the muscles fire in the exact order that they would if the person were actually running!

What this means is that getting your mind in shape is just as important (if not more so!) as getting your body there. How can you use this? Approaching any fitness goal whether it is weight loss, getting fit or training for an event is a physical and mental battle. You may find yourself saying things to yourself like “I can’t do this.” “This is too hard.” “I’m not good enough/strong enough.” “I’m doing all the wrong things.” This negative chatter in your head can actually destroy your goals. Imagine these negative thoughts were coming from an itty-bitty committee in your head. You wouldn’t let someone else talk to you that way! Don’t do it to yourself!

Two ways you can fix this. 1. There is a powerful word that can change any negative phrase positive. It’s using the word “yet.” Take your negative statement “I’m not strong enough” and add the word “yet.” “I’m not strong enough YET.” Then add to that with something positive to uplift you. “I am putting the steps in place to get stronger! I am committed to keep on this path!” 2. If you have a goal, use the following magic phrase to make it happen: “I can do this and I do it.”

If your goal is to lose 5 pounds this month, you say “I can lose 5 pounds by Labor Day and I do it!” Repeat it to yourself. Write it down. Post it on your bathroom mirror. Sing it if you’d like! Whatever makes you ingrain it in your head and feel good about it! Your mind is extremely powerful. Let’s use it for good to help get you closer to your goals! If you’d like to talk more about this, set up an appointment with David or myself and we can help you ditch that itty-bitty committee and shift to a positive mindset!


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