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Something has become clear to me over the last eight years of helping people lose body fat and get healthy.  For at least 1/3rds of my clients, the scale will NEVER tell you the truth.

About two weeks ago, Sarah and I learned this lesson once again.  And so did a client of ours who thought she’d only made small changes. 

Sandi has been with us a bit over a year now, and losing POUNDS ON THE SCALE has never been easy.  Yet she is one of our hardest working clients, eats very clean, is super athletic…and still cannot seem to get the scale moving.

I wouldn’t say 13 pounds lost is all that impressive, and I don’t mean that in an insulting way.  But if I told you that a client of mine lost 13 pounds, I don’t think you’d beg to see the before and after pictures. 

This is where the scale proves to be a stupid and limited tool.  A tool that tells you only ONE measurement of progress.  And as I said, for at least 1/3rd of people, the number on a scale will tell you nothing useful.  Sandi is perhaps the best example of this point yet. 

We have tried everything.  We’ve asked her to make changes to her eating, increased her weights and skill level in class, and she’s used our supplement program.  But at each and every step, she only saw marginal changes on the scale.

Thank God for before and after pictures.  We hadn’t taken a look at her before pictures in months until a few weeks ago.  Then Sarah and I went in the files and opened up her first pictures from a year ago, and HOLY COW! 

Don’t believe me?  Take a minute and GO HERE NOW to see her transformation.  She is the 4th set of pictures down the right side.

I would literally have guessed she lost 35 pounds if you asked me to guess.  Nope.  Just 13 pounds on the scale.  I think you’ll agree that this is a major physical transformation.  She has lost a ton of body fat around her face and torso.  She looks like a very athletic, confident and lean woman now.  She has a body to show off.  Just think how that translates to her confidence and quality of life!

One of the big factors here to consider is lean muscle.  If I had to guess, this is probably the reason her total pounds lost is so low, and it may be very important for you too.  If you are starting a weight loss routine and you’ve been largely inactive, or you’ve never done a routine that built proper strength, you SHOULD expect to gain lean muscle.  This will offset some of your pounds-on-the-scale numbers. 

It seems no matter how hard I tell clients to not focus on the scale, they still give it too much concern.  If this is you, maybe you should listen to my first tip and throw away the scale.  At the very least, hold the number on the scale as just one small factor.  The worst thing in the world you can do in your quest for fat loss is to care so badly about this one simple thing.  Maybe all you need to do is see your before picture, and just like Sandi, realize how much you’ve changed! 

Dedicated to your health,
David Beares
Owner- 39 Minute Workout


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