Dealing with Thick Summer Heat   Leave a comment

I don’t know about you, but the damp heat use to kill me.  My whole childhood it was fine.  I much preferred the summer heat.  I remember being out on the back deck on summer vacation in Myrtle Beach.  The porch was so hot moisture collected on the windows.  There’s a picture of me holding a frog out on that back porch.

As I’ve aged, the thought of being out there with my shirt off just hanging out with the frog is a lot less interesting.  So what’s the difference?  Did the heat change?  Is it just age?  I don’t think so.  I want to teach you an interesting concept from my acupunctureknowledge that might help you if you too struggle in the damp heat.

Food’s that are damp- particularly dairy, sugar, wheat, and icy drinks and alcohol all weaken the digestive organs and lead to internal “dampness.”  When our internal environment is already too damp, it can feel aweful when the outside environment is the same.

The cool thing- The same eating patterns that will help shed pounds off your frame will go a long way to helping you deal with damp heat.  If you don’t want to give up everything in the above list, I’d recommend you at least reduce the two biggest ones in my mind- sugar and alcohol (and wheat is a close third).

I know, I just stole half of what you consume at a summer party.  But it all comes down to priority and how much you care about achieving a goal.  If you love the heat, no biggie.  If you’re like I was for years, it gets old feeling miserable and stifled three months a year, so it’s worth trying a few dietary changes.  Best luck with the heat!


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