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Sometimes it can be hard to get up at 5:25 am and make the 35 mile treck to Columbia.  To work long hours on a business and have very little time with my family a few days a week…but it’s stories like this that make it all worth it.
But this isn’t a story about me.  It’s the real story of one of our members.  Lena Bradley joined us about 6 weeks ago as a part of the 90 Day Body Challenge.  Inspired by the Biggest Loser, the purpose of the program was to create a hightened focus with training, nutrition, and group support.
Like most who start the program, Lena walked a line for a while.  She came to class consistently, she did her best to follow what we taught about nutrition, but I was never sure if she was totally in.  She skipped a few of the early meetings, and was often quiet and somewhat distant.
But then a few weeks in it seemed that she was “getting it.”  Not only was she listening in the nutrition talks, but she was implimenting changes we suggested.  She made major changes in the way she ate.  The woman who at one point didn’t eat a thing until 3pm was now eating healthy food.  She was shopping differently, following a strict plan, and even cut back on her beer intake which was a huge social outlet for her.
Ok.  That’s great, but people can still make changes like this and then lose steam, especially if they’re doing it for the wrong reasons.  And I was worried that even though she was acting differently, she still wasn’t showing numbers on the scale that represented the kind of work she was putting in.
If you were in the meeting this last Tuesday, hopefully you were moved like I was when Lena spoke. It was like a lightbulb went off.  She was speaking with clarity about what she was changing and why.  She spoke of being done with being overweight…..and the thing was….YOU BELIEVED HER!
It’s easy to talk it.  Just watch Biggest Loser.  They are always talking a big game, but so much of it sounds contrived.  Forced.  Like they’re saying they’ve changed because a camera was there and that’s what you’re supposed to say.
No, this isn’t what was going on in Lena.  For her it clicked.  I was so moved that night that Abby and I couldn’t stop talking about her conviction during our car ride home to Annapolis.  I woke up the next morning and wrote Lena to say how proud I was of her.  With her permission, here’s what she said.
“Thanks for being proud if me but i owe alot of my success so far to u and jess.
This is seriously the first program where i am finally thinking i can change everything about the way i look at food and exercise. I always had some alterior motive to lose weight and i wanted it fast. Like i needed to be thin for everyone else. Now i just want to change who i am. I always made excuses as to why, and now I have cont
rol and I am doing this for ME. So i really appreciate what u have done for me!”

How awesome Lena.  I hope you are all moved by her story….and there will be more amazing news on her in the coming months I’m sure.  So far she’s dropped 12 lbs, and she’s pretty sure we’ll find nice changes in her measurements next week based on how her clothes are fitting.
Moved by Lena’s story?  YOU too can be the next amazing transformation- and we hope you will.

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