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The trick to feeling satiated by your snacks is simple.  But you have to know what foods match these simple rules.  Do you know the trick to the perfect snack? 
Couple a high fiber food with a protein!
Great.  But what’s a high fiber food?  You can find a nice chart on the following website.  If you sign up for their newsletter, they’ll give it to you as a free gift.  It came from a very useful resource on the web, www.commonsensehealth.com, which I would reccomend to you all. 
As we’re discussing in our 90 Day Challenge, the enemy of weight loss is high-glycemic foods.  Coupling a high fiber food and protein will help you in two ways: It helps you stay satiated longer (read: have less cravings), and it helps your blood sugar stay stable.  And keeping your blood sugar from spiking is the best tool for dropping pounds of bodyfat.
So now use the resource, go shop for some high fiber foods, and then couple them with a good protein.  Next week we’ll look at a high protein chart…

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