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Meet Russian Kettlebells instructor, David Beares. Have you ever wondered how athletes train? How do these men and women stay so fit? What is their secret?

Russian Kettlebells instructor, David Beares, has some answers and a way for you to strengthen your own body, become part of a lifestyle community of like-minded people who enjoy a short, thirty-nine minute exercise program, select proper nutrition and train like athletes.

If you haven’t tried Kettlebells yet, now might be the time to begin the strength-training you’ve wanted to do. As a high school student growing up in Baltimore County, David was an athlete; focusing on baseball, track, and his favorite sport, wrestling. He was used to long hours of working out in the gym.

After school, this gym regimen continued. One day, he noticed someone near him using something called Kettlebells. From the moment he first saw this form of exercise, he knew instinctively this is what he had to do. “I could see that something special was going on with the way the man was moving his body. It was different from anything I had ever seen. I just knew whatever he was doing could create a more resilient and better moving body than anything I had tried in the past,” said David.

This form of exercise became his hobby until several years later when he opened his mail, and there was a flyer that mentioned that for the first time Russian Kettlebells certification classes were coming to the east coast. He couldn’t believe the coincidence and signed up immediately. “I’m doing it!” he said. “I’m getting certified to teach.” He now teaches, treats and trains clients.

With a Master’s degree in acupuncture, David is able to combine his knowledge of Chinese and holistic medicine with Kettlebell training. He has turned that combination into a program to help give clients a system of healthy aging, physical improvement and self-confidence. With acupuncture, he had seen clients come to his office with a wide variety of symptoms, including headaches, depression and aches and pains. He has been able to also introduce Kettlebells to many of these same people.

“ With Kettlebells, yes there is a lure of external change, looking better and sexier, but now what many clients find is that they shed pounds, and look and feel better by establishing and following a very simple thirty-nine minute routine. They are able to establish a lifestyle change that they can sustain for a long time. My clients tell me that they sleep better, their mood improves along with their sex life and connection to their partner, since they look and feel better about taking care of themselves.”

Brought over from Russia and popularized in the late 90’s, the Russian Army had used this form of training, which had been considered a secret strengthening method. Not that David felt there was anything wrong with machines; he just felt there was a better way to maintain a strong body. With the Kettleballs training, he noticed the shift in his own body. Since high school athletic days, he had gotten soft and weaker. With Kettlebells training, he says his physique changed to the way it had been in his late teens.

He started teaching his classes almost two years ago, starting small and now building up to group classes at different locations in Columbia, Maryland.

Diana Ryan, 39, Columbia, MD- I come from a family that struggles with obesity and major health problems associated with it. In the last two months, I’ve dropped 24lbs and 8.5 inches off my frame. Just last week my mom saw me walking across the yard and didn’t know it was me at first.

Jessice Rice, 25, Pasadena, MD- You walk out of class feeling stronger mentally, physically and emotionally. David is able to push you harder than you could ever push yourself. Within the first week, you’ll see and feel a difference and realize this is so much more different than ANYTHING you’ve ever done. To date I have lost 22 pounds in 8 weeks. My legs, arm and butt are all transforming. I can see that two piece in my future… something I never thought possible.

Sandy Lyons, 62, Teacher, Columbia, MD- When I started working out with David last summer, I was significantly overweight, couldn’t get up and down off the floor because of my knee, and had been on yo-yo diets all my life. Since that point (roughly 9 months) I’ve lost about 27lbs. I have never seen changes like this in my body ever before. Since the winter, I’ve been able to do the entire workout, including getting up and down off the floor. I can even do 30 second plank holds. Amazing!

David feels that you don’t have to spend a lifetime working out. Each class workout is thirty-nine minutes long and each class follows a format of warm-up, strength training and cardio. It’s what happens with the Kettlebells, a cast iron weight with a handle, which makes it entertaining. With strengthening as a focus, just like professional athletes do, concentration is on three main areas, the shoulder girdle, the core and hips .

“Athletes rely on those three areas the most. Most clients do not want to be professional athletes, but when you say , ‘Would you like to move well, pick up things, have a strong back and age well with good posture, they say yes.’ I believe if you train like an athlete you can accomplish all that. In cardio, we are doing high intensity, interval training using Kettlebells, body weights, exercises and various other tools with a purpose to burn fat, calories and strengthen the heart and improve conditioning.

“I love teaching,” David says.  “One of the best results for me is when a client realizes that he or she has burned a chunk of weight off, and this could be a life-long result. Some clients come from families where obesity is an issue and they are afraid of going down that road. They come to my class having tried many diets and exercise programs in the past. I get to watch their joy in dropping twenty plus pounds, developing more self-confidence and in getting to see themselves strong. It’s amazing. And there is also such pleasure in watching someone in their fifties, sixties or seventies who has barely ever worked out. They could have been heading into years where excess weight and inactivity could be the difference in vitality and aging poorly. I get to watch them become strong. Watching someone who never thought he/she could pick up a weight of any size and then two months later move in a way he or she never believed possible fills me with such pride- for them.”

“I inherently know they have just improved their longevity and how much this will help them move in the years ahead. It’s amazing to see the high level of conditioning that Kettlebells can offer, from beginners to advanced students. My hope is that all my clients will establish a routine they stick with for life, a change in lifestyle of exercise, proper nutrition and wellness. From eighteen to seventy years of age, I want each one to feel part of a supportive community of people working toward the same goal. Kettlebells can help do this!”


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