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We meet This Saturday, the 9th, at 845 at Coreworks in Columbia.  Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity. 
To hear more, email me at and I’ll send you the write up  on the program.  See the amazing transformation that Diana, Alyson, and Sandy have all had with the 39 Minute Workout. 
I’m excited to announce the first annual 90 Day Beach Body Challenge!
I am a  huge fan of the Biggest Loser.  Not because of Jillian’s bad attempt at psychology.  And god knows it’s not because of how well they use the kettlebell (ouch! don’t do what they do).
But what it lacks in quality because of it’s need to be flashy TV, it gains back in droves in their message and success.  What they’ve proved is that even the most obese and sick Americans can make MAJOR shifts in a matter of months.  They’ve proved that all the excuses (thyroid problems, I’m too heavy, I have bad genes) don’t hold a candle to a good butt kicking exercise regimen and eating real food.
So let’s do it!  Let’s have our own 90 Day Challenge.  What a better way to get all of YOU motivated.  What a better way to get YOU firm, slender, and sexy by this summer. 
Major transformaion is possible.  In fact, we’ve put together such a fail-safe system that if you commit yourself 100%, you too will see incredible changes.  (read details in the attached letter)
Do you have at least 10 lbs of body fat that you need to burn off?
Have you wasted countless hours in the gym with minimal results?
Have you made the yo-yo diet look like a yearly sport?
Then you are exactly who we are looking for.  In fact, if you fit these specs and you don’t join this challenge, I’ve got to question what you are thinking.  Never before has a solution to your fitness needs been dropped in your lap, wrapped in a nice package, and ready for the taking.
So what are you waiting for?  Take just 5 minutes to read the attached email that explains the program.  You’ll see three AMAZING body transformation stories of clients who’ve already seen huge changes. 
Then RESPOND to this email.  Simply say YES, sign me up for the 90 Day Beach Body Challenge.  We are limiting this once a year opportunity to just the first 25.  The Deadlinefor signing up is April 9th.
Even Better:  Go to your office, church, mom’s club, or PTA group and get your friends involved.  There’s no better way to stick to a routine than to have your friends and family involved.  

Dedicated to your health,

David Beares, MAc, LAc

 Owner, 39 Minute Workout

Certified RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge)

Licensed Acupuncturist

Ps. Be one of only 25 members accepted for the annual 90 Day Beach Body Challenge.  Email or call me by April 9th to sign up.
Pps.  Form your own group and get a $20 credit for every person you bring on to your team.

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