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I’m reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.  It’s a fascinating book that is a worth while read.  I remember hearing the title a while back and finding it a turnoff.  But it’s actually a great read.
His main point is a bit tough to explain, so I won’t waste your time trying.  But coming from the health field, it made me think in a different way.  So I thought I’d share my thoughts. 
Doing my weekly Thursday drive, carting my son from Annapolis to Columbia, I was thinking about the book.  Then it hit me.  People who are smart with their money and build wealth do something nobody else does well.  They invest and save as much or more than they spend.  People who are financially risky wait until they retire or they’re in money trouble to create a plan.
Voila!  That’s what people do with their own health too
Those who have Health Wealth are proactive.  They take care of themselves and “bank” good health so they are more prepared in the future.  People are are Health Bankrupt wait until something is wrong to take care of themselves.
What a thought.  We each have the ability to build a strong Health Portfolio now…or we can wait until something is drastically wrong. 
That made me think of the characteristics and behaviors of the those who have Health Wealth:
1)  They see the inherent value in spending money on thier health.  They know what will best preserve and promote their health, and they invest resources here.
2)  They exercise.  Maybe becasue they like it.  Maybe just because they know it’s good for them.  But they don’t question it.  They know that inherently, movement is a base need of being a healthy human.
3)  They spend money on quality food.  Food that’s actually food.  One of my favorite magnets I’ve ever seen is.
Try Organic food.  Or as your granmother called it- Food! 
Whether they buy all organic or not isn’t the point.  The point is.  Those who are Healthy Wealthy know the value of a good piece of fish over a cheap pre-packaged “meal” filled with stuff your granmother was never exposed to.
4)  They supplement what they can’t get in their diet because of modern farming problems or current levels of toxicity.  They do their research and take supplements that support where their diet and environment let them down.  Products like Juice Plus+ do just this.  To find more about Juice Plus+ and the supplements our whole family takes, go to, or schedule a health assessment with me.
5)  They balance their life needs and keep them in proportion.  Whether it’s family, work, hobby/vocation, spiritual practice- they put effort and attention in each area.  They seek to grow every day.  They know true health and happiness is in balancing the things that are most valuable.
So how does your Health Portfolio look?
Would you like to have more Health Wealth?  Would you like to “bank” your good health now?  To find the best practices today while you still have your health?  If you feel moved by these words, take some time to write down your goals for your health.  Make them things that you’re passionate about.  Then make it happen.  Feel free to share them with me or let me know how I can help.

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