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Diana Ryan

At 40, Diana hit the ground running.  She joined us for the Holiday Challenge in the beginning of January this year.  Just last week, 8 weeks into training, Diana has lost 13 lbs.  This week she’s down another two (15lbs Lost To Date).  Her face and torso look completely different.  And her level of stamina and strength are apparent in class.


Although Diana is too hard on herself to admit it yet, I can promise you that she’s making great changes to her life and her health.  You see, until she’s met her goal, she won’t stop giving it her all.


What does Diana do so well?  She busts her butt.  That’s what she does.  In fact, she’s a rare client I have to actually pull the reigns on and slow down a bit.  But if you are a client who’s going to succeed, this is a good character flaw to have…unbridled focus on your goal.


But don’t think that it all came easy for her.  The first four weeks she was barely dropping weight.  She was working very hard on her exercise and diet, but wasn’t seeing the results.  We met, tweaked her diet and workouts a bit, She Implemented the Change, and the pounds started to drop. And as I said, now she’s dropped a total of 15lbs.  We should all be inspired by her level of commitment.  Great job Diana!  Keep it up.

After- Mid March- 15lbs lost

Before Kettlebells- early January



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