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This weeks health tip is for those of you who are interested in the Science behind exercise…and we’re talking about AGING: 

The issue of free radicals has been covered extensively in the health, fitness, and supplement worlds for years now.  Why?  Because free radicals are linked with aging, causing cancer, and in a general sense, they do damage to our cells.

They are created from countless sources in our bodies, but exercise is one of the sources.  This has had some scientists worried that exercise could increase free radical damage.  In a quick search of the subject, I found a review of the current studies on this subject.  A book called Free Radicals in Exercise and Aging, edited by Zsolt Radak, illuminates the subject.  Here’s some findings from the scientists who wrote this text.

“it clarifies the importance of exercise in increasing the efficiency of the antioxidant and oxidative repair systems.”

“The implications of this research are far-reaching. Mutation of DNA is linked very closely to cancer, and if regular exercise improves the regulation of the antioxidant systems and the oxidative damage repair system, these mechanisms may be a very important tool against this deadly disease.”

So in conclusion, what the current science suggests- EXERCISE IS IMPERATIVE IN MAKING THE BODY RESISTANT TO AGING AND CANCER.  What I read from the above comments and the rest of the write up is this.  Exercise creates free radicals.  Exercise also makes the body more efficient at dealing with oxidative stress.

Frankly, given that the body is meant to move and all humans are build to exercise, any other conclusion would be rediculous in my mind.


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