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This weeks health tip comes from Dr. Oz.  Most clients say they want to lose weight.  And if you’ve got 20+lbs extra on your frame, this probably should be your goal.  But it’s also clear that lots of people who exercise lose inches, particularly on thier hips for women and their stomach for men, but not pounds. 
Doctor Oz said last week that your waist size should never be more then half your body height in inches. 
Why?  Large waist size suggests greater risk of diabetes.  It means it’s tougher for your body to deal with/process sugars.  You’re more likely in adrenal fatigue (read: exhaustion)- a medical state that makes it much harder to drop weight.  And your heart is more at risk. 
All these indicators suggest major concern for your health.  So for many of you, your goal should be to get your waist under half your height.  When this comes down, so too will your weight.
In a quick search on Dr. Oz’s sight, here’s what someone asked about diabetes.The question was, “what waist size puts you at a higher risk for diabetes.”
Dr. Michael Roizen Answered:
Studies show that men with waists 40 inches or more have 12 times the risk of getting diabetes compared to men with a smaller than 36-inch waist. For women, a 35-inch waist is that much riskier than having a 32-incher.

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